Can You Put Wax Paper In An Air Fryer?

Can You Put Wax Paper In An Air Fryer

A wax paper looks almost the same as parchment paper, but they’re not the same, and they shouldn’t be used interchangeably. But can you put wax paper in an air fryer? The answer is both yes and no. It depends on some other factors as well as placement positions in the fryer. Depending on the factors, the answer will vary.

In this guide, we’ll discuss how you can use wax paper in an air fryer. We’ll also talk about some situations when a wax paper can be quite effective and when it will not.

But before talking about using wax paper in an air fryer, it’s a good idea to know what the deal with these foil papers is? What’s their importance? And what if you decide not to use any papers at all?

Let’s talk about these!

Importance of Using Papers in An Air Fryer

Wax Paper

The way an air fryer works is by creating a hot air flow from the bottom of the fryer, which circulates top and down repeatedly. This process heats everything inside the basket evenly. In fact, air fryers work in a straightforward way, and because air is light and can reach the smallest corners easily, it can heat food quite fast.

But since the machine uses airflow to provide the necessary heat to food inside the basket, wax or parchment paper can be pretty disruptive. It can block the airflow in some areas.

There are two risks of blocking the air flow. First, some parts of the food won’t get enough heat and will stay cold or uncooked. And the second problem is that some areas inside the cooking basket can get excessive air flow because of a blockage in another space. Herein, the imbalance can cause some part of the food to get burnt.

The same thing happens if you use aluminum foil. They tend to get heated up more quickly than parchment or wax paper. And for that reason, it’s better to choose a paper-based covering than an aluminum-based one. But since using paper can block the airflow, what’s the solution for it? Not using it?

Well, not using paper at all isn’t a good idea. Using paper comes with its own set of problems, but without using anything at all, you risk the fryer basket getting greased up with oil splatters. And this can result in some hard-to-remove marks from oil splashes on the sides of the basket.

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How to Use a Wax Paper in an Air Fryer

Wax Paper 2

Using wax paper in an air fryer isn’t something you should worry about. Just make sure to never put it in place directly close to the air fryer’s heater component. It may overheat and can create a burning wax-like smell in the food you’re cooking in the basket. Let’s see how to use it effectively:

Place the Paper

Cut a piece of wax paper according to the size of the cooking basket of the fryer. Try to keep some space open on every side so the air flow doesn’t get completely blocked from the flow. It’s a common tendency to overuse paper in this task. Never do this. This will do no good to your cooking and block the airflow greatly.

You should, however, check the paper’s heating point before putting it on the fryer basket. You can preheat the fryer, but it should be under the heat capacity range of the paper; otherwise there’s a chance the paper might get burnt.

Also, don’t add the paper while preheating. The fryer uses high heat and fast air flow to heat itself in a short preheating period. Cooking papers aren’t designed to withstand that uneven heat levels and, as a result, might catch on fire or create a waxy stench. That smell alone can make a food smell inedible, to some degrees.

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Weigh It Down

Always place your food on the paper in a way that there is no place left on the paper that isn’t covered with food. It’s important because if you don’t place something heavy on the paper, it can easily get away from that position and might get inside the heater component.

Even if it doesn’t get inside the heater part, it may move to an area and block the airflow coming from the bottom. It can get burnt or catch air flow. And the consequence of any of these two is your food getting stinky.


Once you’re done through the cooking, it’s time to clean the fryer up. But wait. Don’t take the basket out immediately and throw it into the dishwasher or the sink. Wait for some time. Let it cool down to the point that it’s okay to touch with your fingers.

Once it has cooled enough, soak a paper towel with some soap and clean off the oil splashes manually. Once the outside of the basket is cleaned, clean the drawers, and then you can soak the basket in the dishwasher.

Final Words

Air fryers are sometimes a way better alternative than using an oven. An oven can’t create crispy food with the ease that an air fryer does. But air fryers don’t come cheap and can cost you the price of several high-end ovens for a single unit of them. So it’s important to use an air fryer in the best ways possible.

Wax papers are cheaper than regular parchment papers. And for this reason, there’s a common question why these two shouldn’t be used interchangeably? People like to prefer affordable options without knowing the problems.

But hopefully, you know whether you can put wax paper in an air fryer or not.

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